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"The King, A Christmas Story from a Heavenly Perspective" - is a a stage production that will be presented as a film. It will be aired on Christian Broadcast Networks and other platforms starting in November 2021. 


Run time:  40 minutes

Genre:  Faith, Holiday, Inspirational, Musical


The film begins in England during the 1800’s.  Nigel, a family man struggling to keep his family fed, is convinced there is no good king, saying “they work us till our hands are bloody and our backs are broken.”  An unassuming  stranger overhears the plight of the family and decides to tell them about a good King. The story of this very night hundreds of years ago in a Heavenly realm where two young Angels had many questions about their own King. Join the journey of amazement, wonder and lots of commotion as the angels, at first disillusioned learn of the King's mission of mercy, forgiveness, and how He is their only hope.

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To view CTN viewing schedule throughout the 2021 Christmas season click HERE


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An accompanying book to "The King," "Sarah and Hannah's Awesome, Amazing, Christmas Story," is now available. Join Sarah and Hannah as they learn about the King's mission of Love and Sacrifice. This 31 page book is a colorful message of the gospel, explained in a way for children to understand. Written and illustrated by Jeanie Nuanes King.


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Sample pages from the book:

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book second display page.jpg


"The Healing Garden" - An old war veteran shows a spirited little girl how to use bible stories to grow a garden that miraculously renews their neighborhood's faith in God.

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This film is currently available for viewing on Pureflix, Christian Cinema, UP Entertainment, CMAX-TV, Living Scriptures, Truth TV, New Faith Networks and Amazon; and is available for purchase on,


it is also available online HERE.

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"Flight for Life" is currently in pre-production. Production is scheduled to begin in September 2022,location Colorado 

Contact Gordon Page for more information on this project at


"The Gift" is a beautiful story of the true meaning of Christmas, and a love that endures for the generations. 

This film is currently in pre-production and scheduled for production in 2022.

"The Gift," preview video

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